Thursday, October 8, 2009

San Diego Road Trip: Shamu Show

After the buses full of soldiers exited the freeway we got serious about getting to Sea World. We arrived at 1:21pm
So it took us 5.5 hours to get there!
We parked. Made careful note of where (because we usually forget to remember where we part and wander aimlessly through parking lots with our key clicker thing)

First order of business was the Shamu Show. The girls wanted to sit in the 'Splash Zone'. Ooookkkay.

Splash Zone is the understatement of the year. We were drenched. For the rest of the day we smelled like fish. Don't be jealous.
Now, there doesn't seem to be an actual killer whale named Shamu. There are several killer whales with various names but I never actually identified THE Shamu. Strange.
During the show the whales did amazing behaviors with their trainers. The trainers had to actually TOUCH yucky little slimy fish. That about did me in right there. Having a 5 ton whale drag you down to the bottom of the tank and FLING you 20 feet in the air is NOTHING compared to having to touch yucky little slimy fish.

The most amazing part of the show was when they demonstrated why they are called killer whales. They got an actual child from the audience and the whale ate him
This is a picture right before the whale "kissed" him.
Killer Whales... HELLO??? Parents--- didn't that give you a big enough clue?

After that we had to appease the kids by buying them Shamu shaped ice creams. They were yummy. Plus it was a nice turn of irony. (Shamu ate human... humans eat Shamu)

And my sister kept sticking popcorn in her nose.
Seriously. I don't make this stuff up.

Soon after we survived the Shamu show we went over to the seal feeding area, where you could actually buy yucky slimy fish to feed to the seals.
Do you think I got some. No way Parkay
But my sister did. And she tried to stick THOSE up her nose too.
This woman is a Critical Care Nurse.
(She really needed to get away.)
Anyhow...... I WISH I had a pic of this but it happened too fast. My niece snatched the fish out of my sister's nose and was getting ready to feed it to the seal when out of nowhere this enormous huge seagull SWOOPED down and snatched it from her bashing into her chest in the process. It scared my poor niece half to death. It was a brutal seagull attack.
I couldn't get her to try it again so I could get a pic.
What kind of person won't recreate a brutal seagull attack for a BLOG?



Karen said...

That sounds like you had a fun trip! I don't like getting soaked by Shamu...Must be getting old! Last time we went to Sea World my youngest daughter was being a little bratty, so a bird pooped on her! That did it...tears were flowing. lol

critterlover said...

To be fair to Sea World. I saw Shamu. I don't know if he was their first or what, certainly years ago he was 'the' show.

critterlover said...

LOL your poor niece. Those gulls can be fast and brutal. Sounds like a good trip for all. Including that gull.