Wednesday, October 7, 2009

San Diego Road Trip: Heroes

The trip down to San Diego started out around 8:00am. This is VERY EARLY for our girls on a Saturday morning!! But they managed.

The Traffic Force was not with us. We hit traffic somewhere just past downtown LA that left us c r a w l i n g for about an hour.


It was an accident of course that was almost cleared by the time we passed it. Then we were zipping along again. Long about the time we hit near the Mira Mar air base (remember Top Gun? I FEEL THE NEED....... THE NEED FOR SPEED?) Miramar is where Top Gun is. And guess what was going on that very moment? That is right, the big air show.
We felt the need for speed but what we got was c r a w l i n g along in traffic.
The very best part of our trip was that there were several buses full of soldiers that would pass us and then we would pass them... back and forth for about half an hour.

First the girls just looked.
Then they waved
Then they flirted
Big Time
Then they made signs and held up the signs
Then they flirted AND held up the signs

It was pretty danged cool!

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