Friday, October 9, 2009

San Diego Road Trip: Sunset Cliffs

Sunday morning the grown ups were awake early so we left the girls asleep and Carri came and took us on a tour of the area. One of the prettiest areas is Sunset Cliffs.

Sunset Cliffs has Pigeons

Sunset Cliffs has relatives of Pip the Squirrel.

Usually Sunset Cliffs has lots of hot surfers but the seas were rough so the ocean was woefully short of surfers, hot or otherwise.
That made me sad
But the ocean was beautiful and I never get tired of watching the magnificant waves and sky and smells of the ocean so that was cool.

We got some nice pics with Carri. Carri and I have been BFFs for a very loooong time. I love her. She has seen me through some ugly times.

BFF doesnt mean you can only have ONE cuz I have a whole troop. My sister is a very special BFF. I mean, I have known her all my life. Seriously. I could tell you stories! But maybe another day.... or maybe another blog.... buuuaaaahhhhaaa!!!!!!!!

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