Sunday, September 20, 2009


So the deal with the AC is a design problem (not enough and too small duct work apparently) as I have asked several neighbors and they all discovered the same not so happy fact that the AC doesnt work right in these 2 story houses and everyone has installed evaporative coolers. Everyone, but they say it works well and the electric bill is tiny in comparison. My other house also had a swamp cooler installed.
Which we will be doing asap.
Like making the call tomorrow.
Tonight we plan to sleep on the floor at Monicas apartment because sleeping on the floor is better than baking in bed all night long.
Also, the cat has managed to knock my flat screen tv off the dresser twice, counting last night at about 4:00am. So today I visited best Buy to get a wall mount-- which is what I had in my old house.

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Anonymous said...

"Evaporative" sounds so much better than "swamp." And the new ones are much better than the old metal box we used to have on our houses when I was a kid. A&J have one and they never use their compressor... and it is so cheap in comparison. In about 6 weeks you're going to be worrying about heat.