Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Saturday Morning Thoughts

Houston: We have solved our problem!!!
We have Swamp Cooler!! Or, to put it a little more gently, Evaporative Cooler. For those of you who are not educated on such a thing, let me enlighten you. Air Conditioning has to do with LOTS AND LOTS of electricity and some kind of coil thingie and is ducted through the house (but if it is my house it doesnt move the air). An evaporative cooler is a unit that puts out air from a stationery position in the house (in our dining room window) and you route the cold air by opening windows where you want it to go. It has a motor that runs the air through pads that are full of water and the water evaporates and creates cool air. They work great except when it is very humid, then you are SOL. I have always had one of these. I have one in my Loy house where my electric bill was about $60.00 at the highest this summer running the cooler 24/7. Now partly that is because the electric company gives me a discount of $25.00ish a month for not running my AC unit.
Annnnyyyyhooooowww... we now have the cooler running in the house and I am estatic to say that it works!! It was very cool downstairs and even the upstairs were okay. And I even cooked dinner last night!! And we slept in our own house! We have been spending most nights at Monica's apt because it was just too hot to sleep.
So.... on to other things....
I bet you are wondering how the cats are adjusting to the move. Most of them are doing fine. The cat door isn't installed yet because Lily (Monica's kitty) has only been an indoor kitty so we have to get her used to going outside first, but the rest of them are going in and out as they ask permission. Malley and Boris keep going back to the old house and trying to convince Brandon & Jericho that there has been some sort of horrible mistake. I have loaded them up a couple of times and taken them home. I can only imagine what the neighbors think.
I am happy to report that the neighbors finally fixed their house alarm, but not before we had to finally call the police. If you missed hearing this go off it was rather like a tornado siren going off 5 times a day for 10-45 minutes at a time. Very annoying.
I miss being in school. Yeah, I am weird. I am jealous of Claudia at work who is taking online courses. I am bored. HEY, I ADMITTED I AM WEIRD.
Oh, here is something. We have named the house. It is called Wilner Feniamson. Apparently it is an Okie and could even be male. I don't know how we could end up with a male house since the occupants are all feminine. But that is what the girls came up with Fenner Williamson blended together. Creative girls, huh.

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