Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Morning

Long time no see!
So, where to begin?
I have just been overwhelmed with stuff going on, fighting the monster (decided not to capitalize and give it any extra power) and still don't have my computer set up at home yet. I am on my laptop right now at Panera because #1 it is too hot in my house and #2 I don't blog from work.
So... about that heat problem. The AC in the new house doesn't work right. It is HOT HOT HOT in there all the time. And it is making us sick. So we try to stay out of there as much as possible. We have had someone look at it and give us some suggestions since the unit does work but there are design problems or something. I am confused. And Hot.
Otherwise we have about a million boxes to unload.
And I am too whiney to blog. So catch you all later!
PS: If I forwarded an email about sponsoring Brandon & Jericho for the diabetes walk a thon please consider making a donation to this very worthy cause. I have a neice and nephew with this disease that really needs a cure!!!
Loves to all--

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Kym said...

That bites about the a/c.....any clues what's wrong? Did they check the ducts to make sure they are clear?