Sunday, September 27, 2009

Middle Aged Woman Moment

The other day I had one of those annoying Middle Aged Woman Moments. I was at Best Buy arranging to have one of the Geek Squad people come over and mount my little flat screen tv because my sisters cat has knocked it off the dresser twice and since it somehow survived thought I had better make better arrangements.
Now, about that cat. This is Jinxie. Jinxie has been living with me since Monica moved to Lancaster a year or so ago so she is kinda my cat except when she is bad.
Then she is Monica's cat.
I am standing there filling out paperwork in between texting Brandon with questions (side note-- this man has been seriously patient with me and deserves a medal) and this assistant manager starts talking to one of the sales people about how disgusted with his mother he is because.... wait for it.... wait for it...
And he goes on to say how she is like in her LATE 40s and she is WAY TOO OLD to text and how she even........... are you ready for this...... says stuff like LOL.
What kind of seriously narcissitic woman does he have for a mother? Does she think she is a teenager or something??
The humilation this young man suffers......... The INHUMANITY!!!!!!!


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