Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Trip to Hollywood

Our trip to Hollywood on Saturday started out a bit rough.

My poor niece was carsick. I can relate-- I ALWAYS got carsick as a kid. I still do sometimes! About the time we were almost to the mall she needed to throw up. RIGHT THAT MINUTE. And there was no where to go because we were in traffic. So my sister hands me a half full 44oz soda and says to dump it out so Becca can use that instead of barfing all over the car. In a moment of complete idiocy and instinctual reaction, I go to throw it out the window. The CLOSED window. So... I am drenched in soda and Becca is still gagging. It was just as well I didn't throw it all over the car next to us anyhow! I only wish we had caught this on video because that had to look hilarious. Here is Monica and Becca after she felt better.

So we get to a gas station and she gets sick- poor little gal. I remember those days.

Here is a picture of Lauren and Becca in the EXACT SAME SPOT that she was in for the Tokio Hotel concert a year ago today.

And here you can barely see the Hollywood sign behind them on the hills.

We had decided to go on one of those tours of stars homes but that wasn't going to work for Becca so she and her mom went to see G Force (that guinea pig movie) at the El Capitan theater and Lauren and I went to see lots of gates and ginormous trees and bushes that stars live behind. Including the gate of the mansion where Michael Jackson died. I got very sunburned and carsick from the twisting turning roads in the Hollywood Hills but it was fun! We went town Rodeo Drive too.

Then we met up with Monica and Becca and went in the mall and did some shopping at the Build A Bear place and the Hello Kitty place and had lunch. On the way back to Lancaster we decided to stop at the Kohls in Santa Clarita and stop by the mall there. I can't even put into words what we looked at in the Valencia mall but I will give you a hint: You hardly ever see these kinds of stores in malls anymore. I can't say more. It is too scary. The Kohls was a treasure trove! We found a lot of cool items for the house including a great rug for the living room that was 50% off so that was cool. Sure it is butt ugly, but it was cheap. We have our priorities straight in the Fenner-Williamson Home for Single Mothers.

While we were gone our painter/incredibly handy man Alex The Wonderful discovered that there is a leak in the upstairs plumbing so he had to cut out part of Laurens closet but he can fix it. And also he discovered that 3 of our ceiling fans were wired badly and are fire hazards. And the toilet in the master bathroom seals have deteriorated and the water gushes out when you flush it. I like Alex. He can fix anything. I am going to have him move into the spare bedroom and keep him for a pet.

Annnnyyyyhow...... the painting is supposed to get done today. We went by last night and the house was primered and it looked so beautiful--- imagine what it will look like when the real paint it on. Gone is the Los Angeles Lakers Purple and Gold and the black family room and the brownish red bedroom.
It is pristine and it is going to look like a brand new home.


JC said...

Sounds like you had a fab o time in Hollywood.

Your house sounds great ... well, after a few repairs & paint.

critterlover said...

I had to laugh out loud at the soda through the closed window. Sorry, what a mess. Was it at least diet so not as sticky?

Poor baby, I too was a car sick kid.

Your house does sound like it's great!