Friday, September 4, 2009

Shouldn't I be MOVING or something??

I am going to be a very bad girl tomorrow.
And play hooky from all responsibilities.

I am not going to pack.

I am not going to work.

I am not going to clean.

Whatever shall I do?

The four of us girls who will be sharing our new house are gonna go shopping.
Now, before you really think we are shirking our responsibilities let me tell you that the painting of the new house is in full swing. I was over there earlier and they have the prep work almost done. They have done an amazing job with the prep. I am SO IMPRESSED. My kitchen is covered in brown paper and plastic. There is no way a drop could get on my cabinets or my counters. And they are working through the weekend so we really cannot get in there and do anything.
Soooooooo a day off is in order!

We are going to go to Hollywood tomorrow to the Hollywood and Highland mall.
If you don't know Southern California-- that is where the Oscars are held (yeah, that is a mall!) and that is where all the walk of fame stars are. We might go see a movie at Grahmans Chinese Theater even.
Rebecca is very excited. This is her first trip to Hollywood. I told her not to expect much, lol. Lauren has performed at the Kodak theater (a week after the Oscars a few years back for a cheerleading competition)
Rebecca wanted to know when Hollywood opened. HA! It is sad to see someone lose their Hollywood Innocence. That moment when you realize that there are not celebrities wandering all over the place and that Hollywood is run down and dirty. So sad. But she is 10 years old now and a California native-- so it is time.
Lauren is excited to commemorate the year anniversary of meeting Tokio Hotel IN PERSON! And seeing them in concert in the mall area.
It is going to be a lot of FUN!
Don't be jealous.

Okay, go ahead.... Be jealous.....

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Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your Ferris Bueler day and hope Rebecca wasn't too tramatized by all the freaks who inhabit Hollywood Blvd. I took Kody there in June and he was amazed. I also told him about Lauren watching Tokyo Hotel and we stood on the exact spot where she stood to watch them (as revealed by the pics she posted).