Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to the Freak Show

It is so gratifying that my blog is so much fun for you all that I am now getting requests to blog about certain items or circumstances.

Sunday at church a certain someone
(who's face has been pinked out to protect
her freak-it-tude asked me to blog about her interesting way of keeping her legs smooth.

This makes me wonder: How long has she been hoping to see me so she could tell me this-- because you gotta know I was right on this one.
Did she miss half the sermon wondering if she might see me? Did she make a note to herself on her 'to do' list: Remember to talk to LeAnn about fascinating blog opportunity because we are all sick of hearing about her new house and we haven't even started with the 'after' pictures!!
I insisted on pictures because I figured you might think she had told me this in confidence and I was blabbing it all over the internet.

No, Dear Geeezers, she ASKED me to blog about this.
Then a nicely dressed fellow asked me what my blogs were about because apparently he writes deep, thoughtful blogs about weighty issues. How, I ask, could I tell him what my blogs are like!

Are you ready for this weirdness?

Are you sitting down?

She tweezes her leg hairs.

Oh yeah, she plucks out the hairs.

That is just weird.
Or maybe it it just me.

Nope, it is weird.

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critterlover said...

LOL, nope, it's not just you, it's weird. That would take SOOO much time and... OUCH.