Monday, August 10, 2009

My New Pet Project

I get bored easily.
And I am a little sad not to be in school this semester. Yes, I know it is the right choice. But I miss homework. So sue me. I am wierd like that.
And it isn't like I have nothing to do because there is all manner of sorting and purging and packing to do around here these days.
Saturday my son and daughter in law came over and we emptied out the shed and took everything out of the rafters.
Big. Job Y'all
Then we put alllll the Christmas decorations for all 3 familes into the shed. And started sorting through boxes from the rafters.
Including the huge tub that Lauren has that is full of Star Wars collectibles.
Yes, as a matter of fact, she is a geek.

But sometimes, in spite of all I have to do, I want to unwind in front of the TV. So I decided to learn how to knit.

I bought this cool book

(Note the KLUTZ brand name)


They must have seen me coming!!

And yet-- look at
all I have accomplished.

Don't be jealous of my mad knitting skills!

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JC said...

You are a silly ...