Friday, August 7, 2009

Did You Forget My Birthday??

I don't want to make anyone feel badly. Really, it is okay if you forgot it was my birthday yesterday. It is okay if you haven't gotten my gift to me.


It is okay. I will still love you.

One of my cats, Madeline (Maddy to her friends) apparently forgot also. I mean, obviously she remembered at some point last night because she delivered her gift to me at about 12:20am this morning.

A dead kangaroo rat. And she sang her own special "MOM I CAUGHT SOMETHING FOR YOU" song that sounds like this (it rhymes with Wow) MOOW MOOW MOOW MOOW

Look at this sweet little kitty cat. Kinda hard to believe she is a vicious killer.

So, if you forgot my birthday and forgot my gift please feel free to send it late.

Unless it is a carcass. In that case, please feel free to bury it somewhere! After all, when it comes to dead things, it is the thought that counts.
Otherwise, no way. Cash, gift cards etc.... THAT is what counts.

Monica and I are registered at Target for your shopping convenience under "Fenner / Williamson Wedding" It is so rude that there isn't a registry for "People who are moving into a new house and who's towels are all worn out and cookie sheets have all that yucky stuff on them and burn their hands when they use their hot pads and who's last bridal shower was in 1982"



JC said...

I will have to look you up ... you newly house buying person

And, Happy Belated Birthday

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're back alright. The sarcasm, the wit... it's totally LeAnn.

Stacy Vogt said...

He, he, he. What colors are you decorating with, my dears?