Monday, June 22, 2009

Giant Asparagus: The Sequel

Do you remember my post several months ago about Giant Asparagus Invading Lancaster?
If not, click HERE to review.

And here we have a picture of my niece Rebecca who bravely approached the Alien Visitor so I could document this strange occurrence.

Yesterday we went to the movies again and saw The Proposal (side note: Sandra Bullock is so thin. Yikes)

and we see that the Giant Asparagus have BLOOMED!!
This is my sister, Rebecca's brave mom, with the Blooming Asparagus.

(I googled "Giant Asparagus" and I have come to find out that the Alien Visitors are impersonating an actual plant called a Agave Americana.

Clever Aliens!!


Teri said...

That's crazy! Reminds me of Veggie Tales!!

I listed your blog on my last post. You seems to always make me laugh...even when I don't want to. I appreciate your kindness...and your Giant Asparagus.

Teri said...

Seems??? Teri can't talk or type.

Teri said...

You just right click it, save and then add it like you would any other photo.

I look forward to your blogs! =)