Sunday, June 21, 2009


A few Sundays ago Brandon & Jericho allowed me to go with them as they went fishing. Some of you who know me will be shocked to know that I was not always terrified of fish and actually did a fair amount of fishing and even CAMPING as a child.

Stop laughing


Anyhowwwww amazingly, my dad still had my old rod & reel and tackle so he let the kids have it. They are both capable fisherpeople because my dad took Brandon fishing as a kid and Jericho's dad took her. Good thing their outdoorsmen abilities weren't up to me to provide. So we spent a lovely morning at Apollo Park.

Now, if you are not an Antelope Valley-ite this probably sounds a whole lot nicer than it is. So I will explain. The Antelope Valley is where most the flight testing has always been done for the Air Force. It is where the Space Shuttle was built-- and the Stealth fighters and bombers. It is where the Space Shuttle lands when it can't land in Florida. So about 30 years ago they decided to honor this rich history by building a park in the middle of NOWHERE. Seriously--- 5 miles out of town in the middle of the DESERT!!! It was a nice idea... but hasn't really lived up to the early promise. You can fish there and it is a good walking place and there are lots of ducks to feed. But it is WINDY and it is kinda harsh. Maybe they were trying to go for a Moonscape theme....

Speaking of water fowl... this park is the site of the very famous Attack of the Killer Geese episode. When Brandon was about 2 years old we were out there feeding the cute duckies when a Gaggle Of Killer Geese came out of nowhere (possibly from the future ala Terminator 6: The Geese Of Doom) and ran us off. We ended up on a picnic bench. Brandon was terrified. I don't want to say he was crying cuz now he is really big and he could hurt me. So I won't say it... deduce for yourselves. To this day he can't wear down jackets or have feather pillows.

Anyhowwwwwwww On this day,
the fish were safe. Brandon did reel in several very large globs of muck.

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