Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Welcome 2015!!

Dear 2014:
You really sucked.  Please get the heck out of my life.
In 2014 I lost both my parents in spite of all the agony my sister and I went through trying to keep them safe and healthy.  Hiring caregivers and hospital stays.  Nursing homes.  Adult diapers.   Multiple 911 calls to their house.  
We sat with them both as they took their last breaths.  Made funeral arrangements twice.
This year I worked WAY too hard.  
Had EVERY vacation I tried to take get ruined or cancelled
Moved out of our house and got a sister separation (but we are still best friends)
Gave away my CATS
My dog died

It was a crappy year.

This year I would like to have MORE FUN!
Take more than 1 day off of work for vacation (not counting weekends)
Get a puppy???
Start that Unicorn Farm I have been thinking about
Get my TEETH fixed (that is a biggie)
BLOG at least a few times a week
Start smiling again without forcing it
Get my apartment organized in a way that doesn't leave me constantly anxious
Get my diabetes under control (another biggie)

This year I just want to be able to BREATHE!!!

Welcome 2015!   Please be gentle I am feeling kinda frazzled these days.


Quill and Greyson said...

Good Riddence 2014! Happy New Year to you!!

ltlrags said...

Teeth fixed? I've known you for like 40 years and I'm going to have to find a picture to see what you're talking about. Or is this a tmj thing?