Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Drought......

(And by drought I mean the climate kind not my love life)
(Because that would be more of a desiccation)

California is in the throes of a drought!
I remember, very clearly, another major drought back in the 1970's I believe.  
Egad, you say!  How can that be?  Were you but a fetus?  A glimmer in your mother's eye?
Were it to be so, faithful readers... But nay... I was old enough to have
 the specter of the drought forever  burned into my young memory.
Most of what I remember of the drought is bound together in a group of memories that terrified me.  Running out of water.  Space Lab falling on me.  Wildfires burning through my town.  Not having enough money to live on.  Finding  onion in my spaghetti sauce,
 (Especially that one).  
So thoroughly was I schooled in what would happen if I were to break the drought rules in the house that they haunt me today. 
 It is a little murkey, the inception of the toilet rules... were they enacted because of the drought or because the bathroom shared a wall with my parents' bedroom?  But I remember with terror induced clarity that the toilet was never... EVER... to be flushed during the night lest the perpetrator be flogged without mercy with The Belt.   
Furthermore, the Sacred Toilet Adage was ALWAYS in effect:  
If It Is Yellow.... Let It Mellow
If It Is Brown..... Flush It Down
(Unless it is between the hours of 9:00pm and 7:00am )
Inexplicably my older sister, Monica, does not remember these rules.
Of course, she also is in denial that she is older than I so you really cannot trust her memory.

Due to the drought the City of Lancaster has taken to growing Rock Gardens.   
They seem to be sprouting up pretty well!


ltlrags said...

Does the city know that the rocks aren't going to grow to fill the space?

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