Sunday, July 20, 2014

Irony, Sweet Painful Irony....

So I have only one cat left now and he is a complete psycho which is why I still have him.  He is the very definition of a 'scardy cat' and is super stressed out by basically everything.  Remember Figaro?  This was him as a tiny kitten just skin and bones.  I think he was traumatized by his first few weeks of life which is probably why he is pretty much nutso.

He misses his furry siblings I am sure and he knows there something evil afoot with all the disappearing furniture and the boxes and the strange people coming in and everything that goes along with moving. I decided to put a calming collar on him.    This is a picture of the collar.
 This is a series of pictures re-enacting what it looked like when we put the collar on:

Picture Fur flying

Spitting and hissing


Here is a picture of one of my wounds
And here we have Figaro
NOT wearing the collar

And the winner is................


Quill and Greyson said...

Be really careful with that wound!! Infections can be really serious and fast with kitty bites/scratches.

LeAnn said...

Dear Quill & Greyson~ Yeah I know where your paws and claws have been. EW. I cleaned it very well and poured some peroxide on it so I think it is fine. (Plus I may have exaggerated the wound with ketchup)
Figs did not suffer in the experience either!