Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Prepare To Be Impressed

After the horrible loss of my furry friend on Saturday I decided to create a method by which my indoor/outdoor cats could stay safe inside while not having multiple litter boxes inside.
Hence, the Catbitrail was created: 
Time was of the essence and so ascetics were not a priority but I do intend to pretty it up a bit soon.  I was coming down with my third case of the flu during this adventure on Sunday.
Here are the materials:
One very large rubbermaid tub  
One smaller rubbermaid tub
One see through tub
Two rolls of duct tape
Two new litter boxes
One new cat feeder
Existing cat door
Power jig saw

First I cut holes in three sides of the clear tub
and in one side of each of the other two tubs.  I wrapped all the edges with turquoise duct tape that pretty much matched the tubs for safety. I then attached a black trash bag to seal the existing cat door to the breezway tub

This is the view from inside the house looking through the cat door to the breeze way
When the cat walks straight through the breezway he has access to food.

Note:  entrance is to the left side of this picture
If he makes a quick right turn once in the breezeway he has access to two litter boxes
Both the litter box tub and the food tub have removable lids for easy access and cleaning

Note:  Entrance is to the right side of this picture

This straight on picture shows the feeder at the far end of the breezeway.

Pretty impressive right?  This way the cat boxes are outside but the cats are technically inside and safe.  The feeder forces them to use the Catbitrail since they have to go into it to eat.



ltlrags said...

That's ingenious. really. Remember that baseboards and some crown molding will go a long way toward increasing the resale value of your cat trap.

ltlrags said...

Oops! Did I say cat trap? I meant catbitrail. Stupid auto-correct.