Sunday, December 1, 2013



This year we in the Fenner-Williamson Household celebrated a new holiday:  ChristGiving! 
You might ask why we did this and I will explain.  Since we are single parents our holidays usually only allow one where all the kids are home. Except for Elder Brian II Williamson (aka Scooter) who is on his Mormon mission for this and next year.  This year it was Thanksgiving.  At Christmas time Monica's kids will be in Utah, she will be working and my son and daughter-in-law will be taking a trip to the Great Northwest thus leaving myself, Lauren and Parker home alone.  We decided that this year we would celebrate both holidays together in November and on Christmas day Parker and Lauren and I will go to Disneyland.
Thus ChristGiving was created.  As you can see we had a ChristGiving tree with both Christmas and Autumn decorations. And we hung the stockings on the mantle.

The ChristGiving table was set with a centerpiece that had both poinsettias and pumpkins And the traditional menu was served.  My family only wants the old traditional favorites.  We don't even want to talk about the year I tried some new recipes!


Parker got his first taste of black olives.  Of course I put it on his finger.  I don't think he was impressed.

After dinner we played some ChristGiving games.  Jericho won the word search finding 52 words that could be made from the letters of ChristGiving.  Next we played "Roll A Turkey" which involved dice and drawing pictures of turkey parts.  Grandpa won that game.  There were several mutant turkeys including some with multiple heads and legs.

Gifts were given and received.  

And stockings were unpacked. 

Monica bonded with the (mechanical) parakeet I got from Brandon & Jericho.  It is motion detecting. 
(Don't tell Monica it isn't alive)

Later in the evening Parker and his NahNah assembled his new Rocking Giraffe.  Note that I am using a screwdriver and did not injure myself.  Or Parker. 
It was a really great day and the best part is that we are done with the holidays now!  No more shopping.  No more cooking.  We are free to relax and remember what Christmas is all about!  And laugh at all the crazies!

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