Saturday, November 30, 2013

Catching Up!

When last you saw this intrepid blogger it was many moons ago...........
Before I tell you all about my holiday, let's get caught up, shall we?  (Not that YOU PEOPLE ever tell me about YOUR lives....)

Last time I posted was about a week before Parker's first birthday party.  I will leave the details of that extravaganza for another post but it was wonderful if I do say so myself.  I was very busy with researching all the special touches and then I made all the cupcakes etc....  Even before I was busy with all of that I started working on a baby blanket project that probably was ridiculous to try to do in the time frame I set aside to do it but I was determined and I finished that.  Once that was done I launched into our ChristGiving celebration planning etc....  That I actually have pictures of (did I mentioned I somehow managed to delete the pictures of Parker's party and have to get them again).  Add to all of this baby care and my huge work load at work.  October and November were very busy and, sadly for you, my blogging was set aside for awhile.
But now, let the peasants rejoice and make merry for I have returned!!

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