Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Weekend Away

These are pictures of my recent trip to the Marriot Villa Resort in Newport Beach.
Prepare to be jealous
This is a view of some of the pool area and the ocean beyond from the front desk
These are my hosts:  Kody and Wayne
(I let them win at pool so they wouldn't be embarrassed)
(Actually Wayne won)
Note that the table appears to be sloped pretty badly
This is not an illusion-- it was sloped that bad
So it made it an extra challenge

This was my bed with the towel folded like a turtle
I haven't ever had a special towel treat before
I had my own room with a biiiiig bed all to myself!

This was my shower in my own bathroom.

And the tub in my bathroom

This is a view from our balconey.
It is hard to see but that is the ocean in the background

We went on the harbor boat tour.  This is the back of Kody and
some seals on a sailboat

These are baby seals.  You don't get a sense of perspective
but they are about the size of labrador puppies.

Kody and Wayne are Sushi lovers
I wish I could learn to like sushi but
I just can't.   I don't 'get' it

It does look cool though!

Wayne has a time share thing so he got this great villa for 5 days and he and Kody (his son) invited me for Easter weekend because they know that I really needed a break and I am so thankful that they sacrificed their biggest and best bedroom for me for Saturday night so I could stretch out on a big bed (I have a full at home) with no baby or cats or dog sharing my pillow.  It was heaven.  The resort was beautiful and we did some shopping and ate some great meals and I indulged in a very large pina colada because I was not the responsible adult person for once.  Wayne had to be the grown up.  Yay Wayne.  I got a little loud and giggly. 
And for those of you who are curious---- no it was not a romantic trip. 
 Geez people--- Kody is only 16 years old.  HA!! 
And Wayne and I have been best friends for 38 years (since 7th grade) so we would never risk something that unique and amazing for something so risky. 
We love each other way too much to fall in love!  
Anyhow.... thanks to my home boys for a great weekend!

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