Saturday, March 23, 2013

How To Ruin A Trip to Disneyland Without Really Trying

The Darker Side of The Disney Trip
The Road Trip
The plan was to go down in two cars so that Monica and I could come home on Sunday and the girls could have that second day at Disney.  Since Monica can't drive at the moment due to her latest visit from the Seizure Fairy I ended up leading the parade.   Anyone knows this was a huge mistake.  I am a bad nervous driver.  I hate driving the freeways.  I hate changing lanes.  Walls and construction sites terrify me because I feel like they are going to draw me in and make me crash.   Since I heard on the news that there was construction on the 405 I decided to trust my Garmin and take an alternate route.  If you recall my trusty Garmin, GPSY, got stolen last year.  I had to use my sister's.
There is something wrong with it.  It sent me off to only God knows where.  After awhile I pulled off the road and told the kids in the car behind us that we were going to backtrack a bit and just go the way that I knew was going to get us there.  We had to backtrack about half an hour and ended up almost back to Santa Clarita.  Let's just say this was irritating.  Finally the girls in the other car took the lead and got us to the Disneyland Exit.  Course I got distracted and followed some other car off the wrong off ramp.  This was irritating.  
We get to Disney and pretty much everyone was irritated and/or frustrated.
But we got there.
I can shake off that irritated frustrated feeling pretty easily due to the fact that my pyschotrophic medications make me dead inside but others in the group were frazzled and flustered and angry so lets just say it took awhile to settle down and enjoy the day.
In a last ditch effort to forestall leaving altogether I gently suggested that the girls go on a ride while my sister and I fed the baby.
Which should have been no big deal because I am Ms. Organized so I had packed Parkers things.  One suitcase had a ziplock of bottles and pacifiers and the diaper bag had one too.  Except somehow the pacifiers and the wipes got left in the car and both bags of bottles ended up in the suitcase.  In the car.  About a million miles and a tram trip away.
Panic Ensued.
Starving dirty baby.
No wipes.  No pacifers. No bottles
Grandma goes in search of baby bottles
Old, confused, arthritic grandma.
I ask at the first big store I see--- do you know where I might find baby bottles?
And I get this look.  This Disney-Happy-Cast-Member-Judging-Me look
No.  But you can try Main Street
And so I say a Prayer for help and walk
And just as I reach Main Street The Heavens Open And I Hear Angels Singing and Golden Rays of Sunshine.....
The Answer To My Prayers....
The Disney Baby Center
Where Mary Poppins has comfy lovely changing and feeding areas and where they sell wipes and diapers and formula and food and pacifiers and BOTTLES
And that, my lovelies, was the best part of my trip.

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