Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hitting the Bottle

Last weekend we took a trip to Disneyland.
I still can't talk about it.
Meanwhile, I am going to tell you about my sister.

I tried to keep her out of Parker's private stash but she snuck in his bag and grabbed up several bottles of the good stuff.
Yeah, not that regular stuff.  The heavy stuff.  Prosobee

She said she just wanted to taste it.  See what it was like.   I mean when Parker burbs a hot moist soy belch right in my face I think to myself  "Wow that sure smells....." but Monica wanted to see for herself.  At first it was a sip.  And it was bad.  Even she admitted that.  But after a few more sips it tasted less and less bad.
Then I looked over and she was taking shots.
She finished off the first one in about half an hour.

Pretty soon she was taking shots

You would think she would know when to say 'when'
But even as she knelt before the porcelin throne,
she was still chugging away

Not a pretty picture, is it.

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