Saturday, November 3, 2012


Mr. Parker Jonathon Fenner
Born Tuesday October 30th at 10:00pm
5 lbs 9 oz    19.5" Long
I got to greet him first because Lauren had to be knocked out for the
C-Section due to problems with anesthesia.  He told me all about it.

 Parker and his Mommy

Parker and his Grandpas
(Lauren's dad is holding Parker)

Uncle Brandon & Aunt Jericho

Parker and Great Aunt Monica

Aunties Becca and Stacey

I always think it is interesting to hear about how people come up with names.  Originally she had a different name picked out.  And then Spiderman came out.  Lauren loves the guy playing Spiderman but I don't even know what his name is.  During the movie I leaned over and whispered that I thought Parker was a great name (Spiderman's name is Peter Parker in case you don't know already)  and it kind of clicked with her.  Lauren had a very sweet friend named Jonathon in Jr High who had a very sad accident and passed away and so she always wanted to honor him with a tattoo.  And then the baby came along....
My niece wanted to show Parker how excited we all are to have him come home and so, in a strange break with reality, decided that they really had to get him some balloons.  But not just any balloons.  A life sized Spiderman balloon.   This thing is so creepy.  It hovers over half our family room.  Just in case you don't think this is a good example of perspective.  Trust me, it is not an optical illusion, it really is that big!

And finally about that baby pool--- no one won!
We all thought he would come along this next week but he had other ideas!
Lauren so badly wanted him to have a Halloween birthday but missed it by only a few hours.
He came a little too early for that but is healthy and beautiful.
I know this may sound as if I am bragging but he really is the most beautiful grandchild ever.
Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers!


Meg & Quill said...

He is beautiful! Congrats to you all.

critterlover said...

Wow! So close to Halloween, just missed it. Congrats! Welcome to the world Parker.