Thursday, October 18, 2012

Becca's New Room

 Once again my sister has embarked on a home improvement project.
Me?  I have a project too and everything is pretty much ready for him to come out and play.
But my sister, having finished the Dance Studio
Is now redecorating the cat's bedroom into her daughter's room.  She decided to do the paint on the bottom part of the wall and split the wall with chair rail.
She enlisted a professional to handle the chair rail.

Of course we have a full time on site construction inspector who was
over sees all our home improvement projects. 

  He seems pretty laid back but you should see him when he finds a problem.

As you can see it is important to scan the wall for studs.

Unfortunately our inspector was extremely unhappy with the scan that was performed

(Note the naked RAGE he exhibits)

Luckily a replacement cat scan was located.
Barring any further problems, the room should be done soon!


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ltlrags said...

I think my dad had those same suspenders which he started wearing when his gut's power to push the pants down was stronger than his butt's ability to hold up them up. They must sell them in bulk at AARP.