Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Importance of Expression

The other day one of my kitties, Figaro, started acting strangly.
He would lick frantically at his hind end and then run through the house like his tail was on fire.  Then stop abruptly and lick some more.
I was concerned so I checked him out.
Tail:  Not on fire
Being Chased by Ghosts:  Not that I could see
Chasing Rampaging Fly:  No was not on ceiling
Leprechans:  Wrong season
Aliens Performing Probe:  Possible
Hind End:  Too Furry to Tell
So I did what any concerned Feline Household Staff Would Do
I Googled  "Cat Butt Disorders"
From the description I suspected Ghosts
Then I read a little further and decided on Anal Gland Impaction
So, I watched a very interesting and detailed YouTube video on how to take care of the problem in the comfort of my own home.
And then I called my very good friend Kathy who is an Animal Miracle Worker and who either loves me a lot or just has worked through all stages of grief to come to the acceptance that I know where she lives and unless she moves I will find her so she puts up with me.  (she also LOVES my blog)
She said to bring him on over.
Of course he enjoyed the trip in the car the way only cats can:  Here is your Vocabulary Word Challenge for today,   Figaro was caterwauling***
I am going to spare all the smelly details but let's just say he was very clogged up and Kathy did a great job helping him feel a lot better.  Well I assume he feels better-- he is under my bed right now and he is not about to come out and let me take a gander at his nether-regions.
So.... Big Big Thank You to Kathy and Courtney for all their help.
And for not sharing the gory details dear readers..... You Are Welcome!


vi \ˈka-tər-ˌwl\

Definition of CATERWAUL

: to make a harsh cry
: to protest or complain noisily


ltlrags said...

As usual, your blog is so visual, which in this case is probably not a good thing. But you had me laughing at the visual of Figuaro running through the house being chased by leprechauns (sp?) and almost puking at the thought of what you have to do with an impacted anal gland. I hope dogs don't get that.

JC said...

I hope it helps !!!

Chell... said...

"Leprechans: Wrong season"

Hahah! That totally made me laugh!


Nice blog! I just came across yours through a follower of mine!

Take care!