Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Star Wars Day

My Class de Semester for this Spring has been Accounting 111 or Bookkeeping.
I started out with two classes but dropped Keyboarding as my poor old eyes couldn't take 8 hours staring at the computer only to come home to hours of typing class homework.  I will have to pick it up again sometime but I will brag on myself (I know--- shocking, right?) and say that I did hit 93 wpm once and my normal rate was about 80 wpm with 3 or less errors.
Amazing, I know.
Back to Accounting.   Easy Peasy.  It hardly seems fair to take this class as I have been doing this for a living for over 30 years.
So far the biggest challenge has been finding a place to park at the college every week.  If you are a local you may know that the college has been doing some major expansion-- which is really great.  The only problem is that they built the new buildings over the parking areas leaving very little parking.  To combat this situation I usually try to get to the college about 5:15 or so on Monday nights.  My class doesn't start until 7:00pm.  My plan of attack, besides getting there really early, is to start off in the lots closest to my classroom.  I cruise through keeping an eye out for an empty spot.  If I don't see one I start following students as they seem to be leaving campus.  I don't like to do this--- I am really irritated when people do this to me-- but desperate times and all.  Usually this doesn't work either.  The next phase of Operation Parking is to go to my next favorite parking lot which is right in front of the on campus Sheriffs Station.  Yes, my Community College has an actual Sheriffs Station.  Unless the Parking Fairies are very angry with me I can usually find a spot there.
I now have an hour and half to kill.
If I don't have homework to finish or a test to cram for, I usually take a nap in my car.
(Note to self:  Blog on Car Napping at later date)
But if I do have work to do I usually head for the cafeteria partly because I can drink a soda there and not get the hairy eyeball from the middle aged library nazi.
But mostly because The Antelope Valley Community College Cafeteria has a fascinating cast of characters.
I like to call it The Geek Zoo
Of course I am also there at the same time-- in the same spot-- every week also.  But I am an observer. Call me August.  (TV Reference.  WHO GETS IT????)
Everyone has their little areas staked out.  There is the older woman who practices her French vocabulary while she eats Subway sandwiches.  There is the rail thin girl who wears the shortest skirts imaginable.  There is Amish Beard Guy.  This guy is totally rocking the Amish look.  Dude-- this is Lancaster CALIFORNIA... not Lancaster PENNSYLVANIA!!!
There is a group of nerds who area always there playing some sort of fantasy board/dice/card game.  (Ring Ring) Hello? It is 1990 and they want their nerds back.
There are two guys that are always there.  They are both rockin the long stringy brown hair and beanie look.  Last week they had a ziplock bag with a glob of ??? in it.  Like it reminded me of guava paste.  And they were just looking at it and squishing it.  For half an hour that is all they did.  CoughSTONEDOUTOFTHEIRMINDSCough
I am not belittling the geeks and the nerds for we will inherit the earth.  (Brandon:  THIS ONE'S EATING MY POPCORN.  Buaaawahahah)
I am here to salute them.  After all it is Star Wars Day    May 4th.
You do know about Star Wars Day, don't you?
May The Fourth Be With You!


Anonymous said...

Once U pon A Time, of course.
...your geekiest friend!

ltlrags said...

Seriously? Is that what Star Wars days is about: May the fourth be with you? I thought maybe it was the original release date or something. How geeky!