Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back To School!

I know, I know!  I have been in hiding lately but I am starting to get things in order.
You may or may not know that my sister and son and I have been very busy moving my 97 year old grandmother into a residential care home.  This is a long sad story and I won't go into details here but this has been difficult for her as she has always lived on her own and sad for us because she has failed so much in the last few months.
And with all this and other things in my life I just haven't felt myself.  I have had a hard time finding the joy in my life I usually can wrestle out of what ever else is going on.
But enough.  ENOUGH!
(Sitting up straighter.  Chin held higher.)
The new semester started this week at school.  As you know I completed all my pre-reqs last semester so that I could transfer to a state university this semester.  This has been a goal that took quite a few years to complete.  In all truth I didn't think I would really do it and so when it got did I was quite taken aback!
Because then the ugly truth was that if I were to move forward I would been incurring serious debt and here I am at an advanced age.
To buy myself some time to re-evaluate I decided to punch up my resume with some new professional certifications whilst I decide what I really want to do.  This semester I am taking Bookkeeping 101 and Keyboarding 101.  Both of these will keep me busy and (hopefully) out of trouble.  They will also help to keep me from residing full time inside my own head which does have a morose effect on my personality.
Besides, college always affords the best blogging topics.
And I am trying my hand at some serious writing.  Not that the topic is especially serious but that I just kinda sorta think there may be a book in me somewhere.
So, there should be more fun and frivolity on the horizon.
For now, let me paint you a mental picture of a gal in my class.  She is probably in her mid twenties and she is That Person in the Class That Can't Shut Up.  I was afraid of being that person but I was careful to write SHUT UP on the palm of my hand to remind me to.... well, shut up.  This works better than you would think!  This girl is wearing shocking pink and black plaid vans that actually and truly matched her backpack.  Now that bit of style did have me a little jealous I must admit.  I did get myself a new backpack last week because I just could not start yet another semester with the old blue one.  This one is brown with polka dots of varying shades of teal and pink and it is uber cute.  BUT....... I do not have matching shoes (waahhhhh).  The cats approve also and have been taking turns napping on it when it is laying on my bed during the day. Anyhow... this girl is spouting off answers right and left.  And some of them are even right.  But mostly she is confusing the poor people in the class that raised their hands when the instructor asked who can't even balance their own checkbooks.  She also wanted to know if she would be excused from class if she went into labor, apparently this being her subtle hint that she has a little bean counter in the oven.  I am sure you will get to hear more about her later.
Okay now off to bed..... go on.... here is your drink of water.  Sleep tight!



Anonymous said...

Um...I MAY OR nay NOT own a pair of turquoise and white plaid sneakers.
The Gopher Huntress

JC said...

What can I say except is she showing ?

Hope you have fun in your two classes. You silly ...