Friday, September 9, 2011

My Pancreas & Target

I am not really sure that I know exactly what is going on here but the last 3 times I have gone to Target I have had a very bad low blood sugar episode.
Remember that I have a Insulin Resistant Pancreas that is a little testy.
If you missed that post, CLICK HERE
This is how I can tell:
I start sweating profusely.  At first this is similar to a hot flash but it quickly progresses on to other symptoms.  I start feeling confused.  My legs are wobbly.  I am ravenous.  I feel as if I may faint.
I look in my purse for my emergency rations and gobble something down.  I usually keep some trail mix or some starbursts in there for this very reason.  Today the only thing I could find were tic tacs.  I ate about 20 of them.  Not helping.  I decide to get out before I pass out and grab a bottle of sugary soda (which I never drink normally) and guzzle it down
Before I pay for it!

I know, right?  How ghetto is that?
But it seemed better than fainting.
I got through the line, paid for my empty soda bottle and headed to the car where I wolfed down two little bags of trail mix I had just bought.  And I waited for the low feeling to pass knowing that I headache was sure to follow.  Which it did.  My hair was 3/4 wet from sweating and my shirt was also pretty pitted out.  And I felt like barfing from the junk food which I never eat any more.
Fun, right?

I do not know why this only seems to happen at Target
I don't know if it is because my pancreas really LOVES Target and gets so excited when I go in there that it just gets all jumpy and hormone making happy
Of if my pancreas HATES Target and makes spiteful insulin so I have to leave faster

Either way, I know two things:
#1 Target INSPIRES the Pancreas
#2 I am gonna have a good meal right before I go in there next time and be sure
 my emergency kit is in my purse!
Okay maybe three things
I will promise my pancreas some Hello Kitty bandaids if it behaves!
It always worked with Lauren!


critterchick said...

Whenever I'm constipated I got to Kohl's. I just head upstairs to the ladies' room and all is right with the world. Go figure.

Jean said...

That's go to Kohl's.

ltlrags said...

Okay first, Critterchick... TMI. Second, this followed the Dramatic Squirrel:

You gotta check it out and tell me which is more squirrely.

critterlover said...

Too funny - both. Odd that Target thing. Yes, makes sure you have snacks on your person and have eaten well before your next Target trip.

Kohl's hmmmm.