Friday, July 15, 2011

When Your Luck Runs Out

You guys know that I am an adrenalin junkie. 
I live on the edge.         Every day.
And when you live on the edge you are always aware that the balance
 of power in the universe can right itself at any time
You know that if you push you luck time after time that eventually your
luck will run out and the inevitable will happen.
Ms Blind Justice and her balances will not be thwarted indefinitly.
blindfolded lady with sword in right hand held vertically down to floor, and a set of balance scales in her left hand held neck high

No!   She will not be thwarted!!

So it is smart to be mindful as we tottle along from day to day to day that today---
may be the last day that one gets away with something that goes against
 the very balance of nature itself. 

Stealthy they are. 
The passionate ones.  The healthy ones.  Your Southern Sweeties.  Your blacks. 
Whites   Greys   The tarts.  The ones that are just peachy.
And among all these diverse individuals you have the evil ones.  
They skirt the edges of all that is right with the world.  They are a little 'off'. 
They are cold as ice... willing to sacrifice our love......
They look like the others but they are poison inside. 
Today may well be the day that the axe finally falls.

You know what I am speaking of........

Yes, that is right. 

Ice Tea

Oh Yea though I walk through the valley of the Inconsistant Ice Tea Dilemma
I will not live in fear of what the first sip will tell me.

Will it be too strong?
Will it taste like dirt?
Will it be smooth and lightly fruity  or will it be syrupy sweet and taste of Passion Fruit?
Has anyone ever seen a passion fruit?  And how did they end up in my ice tea?
Will it be just right awaiting a packet of Equal?

Or worst of all....
Horror of horrors.......
Will it have that watermelon-like taste of rancid gutter sludge???


Oh you cannot tell by looking at its deceptivly refreshing-ness.
All icy and sweaty in it's glass
For the best of the best and the worst of the worst LOOK JUST THE SAME!



And so every time -- EVERY SINGLE TIME-- you tremble with anticipation of that first sip.
Your heart starts racing
Little beads of sweat form on your upper lip

What will be your fate today??????

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Kym said...

I totally resemble this blog entry!