Thursday, July 28, 2011


Dis is Malley Kat.
I em tiping this 4 Sam cuz he dont tipe so goodly.
And i dont hab thums so it is difitculted

Mom hab losted her mine
She dont eated meets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And she not sharingly ice creamys
and milks in her searels--- not milk!!!!!
What is en de cerals?

Otter day she geb Sam dis ting looks lick chickies butz
NOT CHIKENS!!!!!!!!!
Sam spitten it outz cuz itz ickygrossinesses
We don no whaz goinks on heres butz we needings de helpeds!

SEND HELPEDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!



ltlrags said...

thankz you fur confurming dat catz do talkz like thiz. (I speekz cat)

JC said...

Your Mom has got my Mom doing the same thing. Course Mom wasn't a milk gal in the first place but there is no meat coming in the door for us to enjoy either. Tuna ... there is still the water juice from that though. Mom hasn't given that up.

You could come to our house for a lick ... that is if the Gang doesn't get it before you get here. There's always a line up waiting to lick the bowl.

~ Riley Andrew (Mom doesn't know I'm typing this..don't tell ... us orange boys have to help each other out don't we) ^,,^

critterlover said...

Ashes says: Like my mom tells your mom, chin up. You'll get used to it.

I love my dad's rice milk and mom's almond milk from the bottom of a cereal bowl!
I steal artichoke leaves from the compost pile if mom and dad forget to share them with me a dinner time.

Being a diabetic, I'm working hard to be a healthy boy too.

It's not so bad, really.