Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A very good friend has lost a very good friend today.  I wanted to send love along to Janet.

Her violet eyes twinkled as she waited and watched
For her new friend to arrive
She knew it would not be long now
And so she had gathered them all to greet her
Remember, she said, be gentle
For we know her better than she us
We have been waiting to say hello
But this is all new for her
Remember how we too were new
Confused, expectant, excited
Feeling like we were young again
With all the energy and joy we had lost
Remember she will be a little sad
She has left much love behind her
But soon she will know that she has not left it behind
But brought it along with her to enjoy
She will see that there are butterflies to chase
And the softest grass beneath the trees for naps
And the sweetest breeze
See, here she is now!
Come along everyone and say hello
To sweet Bella


critterlover said...

Lovely, makes me cry.

ltlrags said...

Beautiful. Thoughtful.

JC said...

Thank You ...

Ely said...

So sweet. Good night Bella.

critterchick said...

Beautiful. Good night, sweet Bella.