Sunday, June 5, 2011

Around the Antelope Valley: Make Out Spots Part Two

Famous Make Out Spots in the Antelope Valley

Back in the 1970s there were a lot less people living out here so there was a lot more desert.   Out west of town is an area called Quartz Hill.  QH was where all the farmers and goat-ropers lived.  Today this little mountain topped by water tanks is smack in the middle of some high end houses and there is this lovely block wall and everything is picturesque.  Back in the day it was much more rugged, out in the middle of nowhere.  Dark and isolated-- perfect to 'park' and kiss.  I personally never went there because the really Good Girls didn't go there.  And I was really boring  good.   But many of my friends did.  I know of a boy a year older than I who drove his girlfriend up there and manage to roll his car down the hill.  Classic. 

So I was good, but I was a dork.  Hard to imagine I know.  And the group of friends I hung around with mostly consisted of people in choir.  Picture the TV show Glee but about a hundred times less cool.  We did sing and dance but it took us more than 10 minutes to learn a routine and one outfit sufficed for all our numbers.  True there was a lot of inter-group dating going on.  In fact that is how I met the boy who would later become my ex-husband.  We all hung out together.  Someone had procured a road sign that had an amber flashing light on top.  The night of my Senior Prom I ended up driving around with a guy friend and one of the things we did to wreck havoc and punish those people who actually went to the prom was to take our traffic sign light and pretend to be the police up on Quartz Hill Mountain.  If you are one of the people we scared that night I apologize.  But then again, you shouldn't have been up there anyhow! 

Another very well known spot to take a date was the California Aqueduct.  This is an area where Submarine Races were held.  These were only held at night under the light of the silvery moon.
Submarine Race Site

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