Thursday, June 2, 2011

Around The Valley: Make Out Spots Part One

Back in the Dark Ages when I was a teenager making out was a harmless enough sport.  If you were a "Good Girl" like I was this involved a lot of kissing and pretty much nothing else.  So if 'Making Out' means something else to you, well FOR SHAME!!!!  Get your mind out of the gutter and for the purposes of these posts please use my definition.

There were many well known Make Out Spots in the Antelope Valley.  I am sure there were many more I never found out about.
The Drive In was an acceptable Make Out Spot.  That is why all the greenery died and it blew away like the dust.
My first kiss was in the driveway of my parent's house.  I was 16.  His name was Scott.  Scott introduced me to kissing.  I think he did a good job.  At least that is what my cat, Figaro, says these days.
Scott blew up his car engine and so when we were 'going together' I always had to drive.  We were good church going kids.  He lived next door to our church's Junior high youth pastor, Steve Baker.  You may know Steve-- he now runs Grace Resources.  Next door to Steve was where Gary, the Senior High Youth pastor lived.  I do not know how in the world this line up of pastors / neighbors occurred but wasn't it just my luck.  I drove a bright turquoise Datsun B210.  That is right, I was stylin even back in those days.  We are talking 1978 here.  All this to introduce you to our first make out spot:  In front of Scott's house.  I am quite sure there was some sort of surveillance system at work because we usually barely got the windows steamed up before either Steve or Gary would knock on the car windows with a chirpy "Hey kids, whatcha doin in there?"  I think the repeated trauma eventually took it's toll and Scott became the first to break my heart set me free to find True Love.  On to Jim, the man whom I would eventually marry.  Jim lived out on his own from his senior year of High School on and so we had plenty of privacy.  But we were still good.  He did not score a Home Run until our wedding night.  Nearly 15 years later Jim dumped me for someone more appropriate  set me free to find True Love.  Enter Lord Voltemort or "The Man Who Will Not Be Named" to protect his reputation just in case he is reading this blog.  He introduced me to Making Out on his trampoline.  Nuff Said.  Soon he followed suit and  dumped me for one of my best friends breaking my heart and leading to waving the white flag on romance  set me free once again to find True Love.
As you can tell I have a great deal of experience in the art of Make Out Spots in the Antelope Valley.  For my next post I will show you pictures of other great spots.

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ltlrags said...

Your memory is fantastic. I was over Scott's house a lot too and I didn't remember the Steve and Gary thing. PS: Picture should include actual couples making out or I'm not gonna believe you.