Sunday, May 22, 2011

It Wasn't The End Of The World Yesterday!

Okay, so the Rapture did not happen last night.  No big surprise there.
You guys know about the Bible, right?
Did you know what B-I-B-L-E stands for?

Yeah so it is a series of letters from God to HIs people communicating to us how we are to live and where things are going from the here and now.

According to my manual describing life in this phase, there is going to be a Rapture.  Someday. Sometime.  But the Bible make it very clear that no one will know when it will happen.  So I am not sure what made that guy think he knew what was going to happen and when, but he was clearly mistaken.
Still I have to give him some credit for trying to warn people.  It is kind of like knowing you have the cure for cancer but not telling people because you don't want to look stupid or offend anyone. 

I am not going to go through all the bits and pieces of what Christian believe will happen. If you want to see what I think is a great representation you can watch or read "Left Behind'.  In a nutshell we believe that God will call HIs followers home at some point (the Rapture) and everyone who as accepted Him as their God in a personal way is going to get to join Him in heaven.  The earth will not end right then, but things are gonna start to get nasty until eventually the earth will be destroyed. 
But to say anyone knows when this will happen is to say they know better than the Bible... pretty arrogent.

I like how Pascal's Wager wraps it all up:
“We can wager that God exists and live our lives based on this belief.  If we win our bet because God does in fact exist, then we will receive eternal life and happiness.  The only “cost” to us are giving up certain finite “poisonous pleasures, glory and luxury.” And striving to live our lives as people who are “faithful, honest, humble, grateful, generous, and sincere”.  On the other hand, we can wager that God does not exist and live our lives based on this belief.  If we win our bet in this case, we will “win” the opportunity to pursue our own pleasures and glory, constraints and without punishment in an afterlife.  However, if we lose the bet- that is, if God does in fact exist and we have chosen not to believe in God’s existence- then we may have forfeited the opportunity for eternal life and happiness

Regardless...   the world will end for all of us at some point.  It could end for me today when I get in my car and drive down the street.  It could end for me in the next 20 minutes when an anyerism in my head pops.  It could end in a couple of years when the Big One earthquake finally destroys Southern California.  I don't know when any of those things will happen either.  But eventually I am going to blow this planet one way or another and move along to the next phase.

So I figure best to me as prepared as I can as I go along.  I don't wait to tell people how I feel about them.  I don't wait to resolve issues.  I clear out my computer history so you can't see that I have been reading up about communism and anarchy and all kinds of wierd things for my college classes, lol.  I enjoy the realtionship I have with God every day. I try to find that balance between living for today and having things ready for if I live to be 97+ years old like my grandma. 

To me that is the lesson to be learned by the Great Non Rapture of 5-21-11

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