Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Day In The LIfe Of A Student

College is really cutting into my blog time, y'all!  I am sure you have noticed and I am regretful, however I am sure you would be pleased to know that I have the highest point value in my Philosophy class at week 8 so be sure to keep your check books out because you all promised me $20.00 if I got an 'A' right?  Right?  Hello?  Is this thing on????

Yesterday was the first speech of my public speaking class, so I don't know what grade I have in that class yet.  The Topic was "Your Individual Culture" and I spoke about being in Mid LIfe Transition.  I wore my magic purple boots so I am confident that I did a fine job.  I am the oldest person in the class.  The youngest is 17 and the mean age is 25.  I am betting I scared the crap out of them, hehe.....

Public speaking isn't any big whoop to me.  I have taught some of you in years gone by so you know I am good with getting up in front of groups of people and educating them on whatever subject is at hand.  I really felt sorry for some of the class.  Some of those poor people are in their 3rd attempt to get through it because they are so anxiety riddled and this is a required course.  I am unsure about the ethics of exposing their terror for your entertainment so I will refrain from the gory details.
But there is one matter I feel morally clear to chat with you about.
But first, I need to write an open letter to my classmate.

Dear Young Man Who Sits Directly In Front Of Me In Our Com 101 Class:

  Have you seen the back of your head?  I stared at it for 4 hours yesterday.  I had nightmares last night.


You Wouldn't Want Dreadlocks If You Had To Look At Them Up Close

Okay now that that is out of the way.  Let me get this off my chest.
I know I am an old fart, but I just do not 'get' the dreadlock thing.  I do not understand the draw of letting your hair get oily and dirty and matted up and calling it cool.  I don't understand how you keep from scratching at it all the time.  I don't understand how or if you clean it.  It looks exactly like a hairball my cat coughed up once and there was nothing in me that said "Hey, I want my whole head to look like that". 
If it wasn't obvious enough to everyone the instructor made it clear that we all had to stay in class for everyone's speech (there are 27 of us) or you would fail.  And you couldn't read or work on something else or text etc.... And you had to stay awake!  OMG!  The BRUTALITY!!  Some of the speeches were good.  SOme people seem to have misunderstood that getting up there and telling everyone how messed up your kids are is not a speech about your culture.  A couple people seemed to have lost track of time (they were supposed to be 3-4 minutes) and the instructor had to start the orchestra playing and pull them off with a giant hook.  Dreadlock guy was about 8.5" from my face and had a giant head and is like 6' tall so I couldnt really see around him which virtually forced me to look at the back of his head and try to mentally go to my happy place on the beach.  Sometimes I couldn't help but really look--- it was like a hair ball train wreck I couldn't avery my eyes from.  While my classmates were droning on and on and on.... I was wondering--- has he seen the back of his head?  Does he know how gross it looks back here?  If he had to stare at the back of his own head for 4 hours would he still want it?  What does the back of my hair look like?  What is the person behind me thinking about my hair?
I am not really the only person that thinks about stuff like this right?  Right?
 Is this thing on?????

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JC said...

I remember taking that class in college. Having to listen to everyone talk was terrible. I think I lucked out though and didn't get that view.