Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Gray Hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained through righteousness Proverbs 16:31
Now that I have moved into my Splendiferous years I have accumulated some wisdom to share.
My mother's legacy to my sister and I is this:
"Never buy sheets in a strange town"
Today, my lovelies, I will endow you with words of wisdom wrought over the past few days.

Here is my legacy to you and to my children:
"Don't Panic"
I wish I could claim this tidbit as my own but I must give credit where it is due and admit that I learned this from that famous classic book (not the movie) 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"

In yesterday's blog I told you all about my dilemma with my college registration.  I know you are yearning for an update and so here you go!

I spent the whole evening trying to log on to the college website-- along with probably a million other people.  Well, primarily I was out to dinner celebrating Chandra's birthday.  If you forgot it was Chandra's birthday don't feel alone-- her kids did too.  But it isn't too late--- just leave a Birthday Greeting Comment here!  Chandra is a lovely silly person and one of my BFFs.  Yes, I did bring my computer and I did check it every so often.  I know this is tacky but she loves me so... well, I took advantage of that.  I would get part way in and it would dump me.  About the 50th time I tried this I noticed that the website kind of indicated that open registration wouldn't be until the 8th and so I set my alarm to get up at midnight and start trying again.  And and 2 and at 4 and at 5:30am when I got up to go to work and then every hour or so until I finally persevered about 11:00.  Guess what!!  The computer already forgot that I took English already so I have to go back to the college and get waivered again.  But, guess what else?  I GOT INTO MY COMMUNICATIONS CLASS!!  Oh yes, I did!!!  YAY!!!

Last night I panicked-- just a little.  I worried over losing another semester,  I was extremely irritated at myself for forgetting to pay my fees.  I worried if there is a loose wire in the connection between my butt and my brain that is causing this idiocy.
Strangely, none of those thoughts got me any closer to getting my class
Mostly, I did remain calm.  I didn't say any bad words and the ones that I thought about saying were pretty low on the Official Bad Word Scale.  I made a list of pros and cons to panicking vs calm.
State                   Pros                                                   Cons                       
Calm                  Things worked out even better            None
                           No one died
                          I did not grow excessive nose hair
Panic                  Entertaining for my friends                  Exhaustion
                                                                                   Nothing Accomplished
                                                                                   Flatulence & drooling
It is clear that nothing can be gained from panic.  Calm is the way to go
So I am going to try to go with the "Don't Panic' credo except when my mom's advice is more applicable.

In other news:   I got to spend several days with BFF Carri getting caught up and being home base while she got to visit with her grand-daughter and friends.   She went home today because she couldn't sleep another night in Becca's bed.  Hee Hee   Actually she had stuff to do at home.  It was so much fun to see her, but she forgot to take her dog with her.  He is still here!!

My Post-it Note System

Note to Janet regarding Butt Brain.  As you can see I use notes to myself constantly.  Usually this helps a lot but sometimes I can't read my own handwriting or I can't remember what "Jose" on a post it note means seeing as how there are several in my company.  Please notice that the colors indicate topic and level of priority.  Oh yeah.  Don't be jealous people you can do this too!
We had an audit at work today.  I did my best to flirt with the auditor-- which means I didn't pick my nose in front of him.  I am not especially good at flirting.  He is a tall kinda gangly geeky CPA-- which is strangely totally my type.  He was not wearing a wedding ring, not that I was looking.  He is coming back on Friday so I am going to bring out my "A" game and wear the purple boots.  Wish me luck, geeezers.

I leave you with this one last quote, again from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: 

"There is a theory which states that if anyone discovers what the Universe is for and why it is here it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory that states that this has already happened"



JC said...

You are very funny !!!

I loved the movie but didn't read the book. At least I don't remember if I read it ... should make a note to myself to write note telling me what I have and have not done.

And, she forgot her dog ? You probably have better food and so much entertainment. Nightly kitty races around the rooms.

ltlrags said...

Happy Birthday, Chandra. I remembered, but I totally forgot to send the card. I'm such a blonde.

LeAnn: good luck on Friday. You will rock that geeky CPA!