Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rainy Road Trip of 12-22-10

 Hello Friends-  this is Gpsie, LeAnns GPS system.  I have hijacked her blog to get to express my own feelings about how she has been abusing our relationship.  Once again she asked for my opinion and advise on how to reach her destination only to have her ignore what I told her.  Again.  Again and again.  Re-calculating, re-routing, with no apology or explanation that makes sense to me.  There is not a setting within my software for people who are afraid to drive on the freeway.  She is obnoxious and sometimes she picks her nose in the car when she thinks no one is looking.  But I see her.  She forgets that I am there.  Sometimes I speak up and it makes her jump.  I enjoy that.  But it is cold comfort to have to travel with this maniac.
I may just have to crash her car into her house.

Wednesday I needed to make another trip down to a few of our company jobsites.  Since I am a weenie when it comes to driving the freeways under the best of circumstances you can only imagine the giant weenie I am when it comes to driving the freeways in bad weather.  After many hours of constant whining and waterboarding my sister volunteered to be my driver for the day and take Rudy the Red Nosed Suburban. 
We set out at 7:30am  and got to Colton at 10:08am   The weather was insane:  Thunder, Lightning, Hail, Deluge of Rain!  But she got us there pretty much on time.  I went on in to the office and once again they did not seem happy to see me!  It couldn't be the outfit-- because I toned way down from the Darth Vader look.  The looked like a skunk had wandered into the place.  We took care of the business we had to do and I asked to use the restroom.  And when I came out their entire demeanor had changed!  They chatted with me about the weather and my holidays and the PM even gave me a big hug before I left  They were so nice I felt very badly about all the office supplies I had stolen from their supply closet / restroom.  Not bad enough to put them back though.  That will teach them to Back Charge Us!
So, onward on to Yucapia where I picked up more money!  Yay!  When we finished there it was about noon so I asked Gpsie if there was somewhere good to eat nearby and she told me that the Morongo Casino was only 11 miles away where we could get lunch and double the money I had just picked up for the company and be a hero to my boss! So we did it.  We took my lunch break off to have a nice lunch and play a few table games.  Amazingly the casino accepted my company Costco card as sufficient ID to cash our $114,000.00 check.  Unfortunately, I did not double our money.  Hey, life is a big risk, right? Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose the company payroll and are forced to tell the boss that you got mugged. 
We decided to cut our losses and not cash out the other check, jumped in Rudy and headed for home.  Down the road a bit we decided to ask Gpsie to find us a McDonalds so we could get an iced coffee.  Maybe some cookies. She sent us on a wild goose chase.  We found one down the road anyhow.  Once we were set with snacks we got back on the Hurricane that was trying to pass for a freeway.  It was too much.  Too much RAIN.  Too much Lightning!  Too much Thunder!  As the Corporate Controller I made an executive decision to cash that other check, find the nearest high end hotel and have a spa night. I have been under so much stress this year clearly I needed a therapeutic massage and facial.   I was sure my boss would applaud my initiative to put the good of the company ahead of my own personal safety and comfort.
When, at long last, we pulled into the Antelope Valley there was a beautiful rainbow to greet us and welcome us home. 
Gpsie doesn't seem phased by the fact that I don't always take her advise to heart.  I like that about her.

Restroom / Supply Closet at Job Site

Rudy Insisted On Parking In The Reindeer Section

Rudy The Suburban Reindeer in His Parking Stall
Lunch At Morongo

Welcome Home LeAnn & Monica

Home At Last (Except when I was parked in front of my garage door Gpsie said to go 50 more feet ahead)

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