Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The New Year Approaches...

2010-- What a year.
Soon we will be kicking it's butt out the door and welcoming 2011.
(I gotta get up in my head for a bit, but there will be a reward at the end so hang in there)
Some of you know that I struggle on and off with The Monster (which is what I call the depression and anxiety that sometimes comes to visit me).  One way that I work on re-directing my focus is to write this blog-- so thank you for participating in my therapy!
Christmas morning was foggy.  I mean Otherworldly, Pea Soupy, Where has the World Gone Foggy.  Creepy.  Quiet.  I could see about 50 feet around me and the rest of the world was gone.
This is a great metaphor for my life.  Stay with me here.
I am glad that a year ago I could not see everything that was going to happen in 2010.  I would have been overwhelmed with the thought of all the time sitting at my mom's bedside in hospitals and nursing homes.  I would have been so afraid of my sister's second seizure and the aftermath of that.  I would have freaked out knowing how unstable and insecure my job was going to be.  I would not have experienced the joy of how well my student children are doing in school or that my family is still all here.  I would have missed being surprised by all the cool things that have happened this year.
The Bible, which is pretty much my guidebook on every subject and every circumstance-- has a lot to say about how to handle life's situations.  It has a lot to do with trust.  And trust, in the end, is a choice.  You either trust or you do not--- you really can't just 'kinda' trust or 'mostly' trust.  I have struggled with this a lot.  Even with trusting God-- which should be a no-brainer cuz He is really quite a lot smarter than I am you know.  I like to think I know everything-- but we all know that is pretty silly.  For me to trust God with my life-- and reap all the benefits of doing so- means I will only see what is just a few feet ahead of me and trust that He knows all the stuff in the fog and can handle things.  Matthew 6:34 says "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own"  Ain't that the truth?  Dealing with my own fear of my own life works best when I focus on what 'is'  what is real and not on the endless, infinite things that might happen.  All the 'what ifs'. 
We have all had plenty of crap in our lives this year.  Hurts, pain, people and furry friends who has passed away, jobs lost, relationships strained, car accidents, hospital stays on and on and on... And lots of good stuff too! 
So let's put some good thoughts out there to share with each other! 
What are your thoughts, dreams, wishes, hopes and prayers for 2011?
I don't know how many of you are out there or who you are, but please take a minute to post something.  Let's make a little community expression of hope.  Leave your name and maybe where you live too.  And I offer this little bribe:  I will be drawing the names of five of you to send a $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card!!!  Who can turn this down???
I can't wait to hear from you!!

Loves to All Of You!


Joshua said...

If I am the only one, can I win all five?? (hahaha!!!!!!) I am Joshua. I live in Arlington, VA.

ltlrags said...

Sorry to spoil your dream for 2011, Joshua, but I'm afraid you can't win all 5 cards now. I hope 2011 is as good a year for me as 2010, cuz even though I lost my job and a few friends, I would still say it was a pretty good year. So let 2011 bring me all the happiness that 2010 did, AND a job. P.S.: give my card to Joshua; it's the least I can do for crushing his dreams.

Carol S. said...

I can't say things have happened to me this past year...other than addtional gray hairs rearing their ugly heads. My daughter and her husband have been through both their cars being smashed within less than 24 hours, and the young husband (father of 9 mo. old and 2 1/2 year old) has been unemployed for two months now. I am so thankful everyone in my family appears to be in good health. I did lose an aunt this year, but I'm so grateful I got to see her in England last summer.
Blessings xoxo Carol, Palmdale, CA

Anonymous said...

Even though 2010 wasn't the best year for me, I'm not leaving it feeling bitter or disappointed, but quite hopeful for a better 2011. I still have my whole family intact - even my grandmother who turned 100 years old this year. I'm looking forward to an Alaskan cruise, finding the house of my dreams and most of all, improving my health....yes, I know.....typical. But one never gives in or gives up hope :)
Yvonne (from the furgang!)

Steve Finnell said...

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Stacy Vogt said...

Thanks LeAnn for sharing and reminding us to trust in Him. I have the opposite problem these days as far as how far I look. I can only look at what I have to do today, that is how I get by. I try to trust that tomorrow will be in His hands, but, as I am human, I get scared too. It is ok to be scared. It keeps us from trusting ourselves too much. Love ya, Stacy