Sunday, December 19, 2010

Miscellany & Follow Ups

Hello Kids!
First, trying to download pictures is driving me crazy.  Well, it isn't the downloading it is the positioning.  I don't know how to explain what it is like but every time you try to move them everything shifts around until you have spent 20 minutes writing and 2 hours trying to format and you are thinking about saying level 6 bad words.  So I am just going to post them to the bottom of the blog with a caption.  Hope that is okay with you guys.

I know that recent events have left you wondering "What Happened Next"?
Here is some follow up:

The Christmas Party: 
"LeAnn-- what did you end up bringing home from the party?"  I brought home a Mickey Mouse ornament.  No offense toward Keith, but it is hardly up to the level of the Light Up Christmas Palm Tree that Chandra and I gave him for his birthday last year.  Just saying.
Also, in an amazing Twist of Irony.... The head lamp that I almost got to take home from the party (but ended up going to Casa De Schoonmaker) was originally brought by Grandma J--- who took home the pink elephant that I brought... oooooo creeepy.  Grandma J and I have a special 'thing' going I am telling you.  Awesome Cool!

The Dog Wash:
The other night Sam chased what we assume was a cat with a horrible urinary tract infection because when I called him off he smelled like....... I don't know how to describe it.  It made my eyes water.  I tried to get him into a groomer but I let his rabies certificate expire so it fell to us to at least get the smell off him.  He hates to be bathed.  My sister had to carry him to the tub (but not before he peed everywhere) where he endured the scrubbing with the most pathetic look on the face of the earth.  After the shampoo we decided to use some conditioner on him. We had used cat shampoo on him and figured some human conditioner shouldnt kill him, right?  It was the kind that makes your fur hair curly.  He now smells a lot better but his fur is sticking out in every possible direction.  I feel badly.  Kinda.

The Modem:
Saturday my sister and I went to the cable place to bury dispose of trade our dead modem for a new one.  Below is a pic of the dead modem. Note that it is laying on it's back with it's little legs in the air.   There is also a pic of our new modem.  Her name is  Mollie Modem.  I got her hooked up and working all by myself.  DID YOU HEAR THAT???  ALL  BY  MYSELF!!!!!!!  It is a Christmas miracle
Here is the difference between the two modems:
    Modem #1:  Eeeehhhhhhh............. do I haaaaaaave to get up?  Isn't it awffffffully earrrrrrrly?   I am soooooo tiiiiired.....  eehhhhhhhhh 
    Modem #1:  V-fib followed by prolonged brachocardia arrymthia...... Code was called and administered followed by brain activity testing.  Patient was declared dead by Future 'IT' Doc Brandon Fenner at 6:45pm   RIP Modem #1
    Modem #2 (Mollie):  HimynameisMollieandIamsoexcitedtobeyournewmodem.SomepeoplethinkItalktoofastandIjustrunrunrunrunandrun.IlikeFacebookdoyoulikeFacebookIcanhelpyouwithyouremailandwithyourblogsandIwillhelpLaurenwithhercelebritystalkingandchattingwithherfriendsandallthestuffshelikestodoandIwillhelpRebeccadownloadallthoseJustinBiebervideosOMGILOVEJUSTINBIEBERdoyouloveJustinBieberbecauseatfirstI thoughtheisjusttooprettyandIthoughthewasprobablystuckupbutIdon'tthinkheisIthinkheisjustsotalented......
Yeah, Mollie is VERY energetic.  She Rocks!

And so I mark the end of another weekend.  Back to work tomorrow (LOL as if I haven't been there on and off all weekend already) 
Enjoy your week Geeeeezers (not to be confused with the Geezers Rock Band) and try to remember to keep Christ in Christmas if you are Christian and Happy Holidays to my friends who are celebrating other holidays!

Modem #1  RIP

Mollie Modem

Sam With His Curly Messy Fur

Monica Carrying Dog Upstair



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