Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Impending Road Trip

Tomorrow Gpsie and I will be making another road trip to jobsites in Riverside County.  So long as the storm doesn't waylay my plans which would be a very big problem because the company really needs this money.  I know you all enjoyed my last trip so hopefully I will have a good story to tell once again. 
This time I am not wearing the Darth Vader Power Outfit.  I think I will go with something a little less intimidating.  Maybe more of a Jedi Knight motif.
For those of you who don't see my Facebook posts, I fell UP the stairs the other night.  I did not break anything but I did want to say many many bad words.  It hurt very badly.  This scared my sister.  I keep telling her I have a brain tumor or MS or something.  Anyhow.... last night I went upstairs and then she babied me and brought me my glass of water and my ice cream so I wouldn't have to make another trip.  And tonight she brought me Fall Protection Socks, a hospital bracelet and sticker to notify everyone in the house that I am a Fall Risk.  Ha Ha    This is still better than Mark's post on my Facebook page about shingles which I just don't get.  Really?  Shingles?
It is a Brain Tumor, okay????   Not a disease.

Fall Protection
This year my sister and our families are going in together to buy a goat for a third world family through World Vision.  If you are looking for a really neat way to give to others this holiday season, please visit their website. It really touched my heart. 

 Okay the lovely leek and spinach quiche I made for dinner should be ready to eat so I am off to the kitchen!
Sleep well everyone!

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JC said...

I know those socks ... I must have ten pair of those. Sorry you fell .. again. Ouch.

I know that site ... I might just have to do that. We've been donating to this and that. On Sunday, I did three tags from the Holiday Mall tree. First time we've bought toys for little ones since mine were younger. Was kind of fun. H took them to the place and they wrap them ... I think.

I'm up early this meowning. Hope you have a nice day.