Monday, September 20, 2010


I heard the buzzzzz.......

At first I thought it was all in my head, like a mosquito or a very very small alien like the Baltian member of the Royal Family.
But then I realized..... it is YOU! You are all out there murmuring, pondering and wondering about my class reunion outfit.
Does she really think she can wear that dress and not have some sort of horrible strapless dress incident? Does she really think she can do The Hustle wearing those shoes? And most of all: Will her Hostage for the Evening, Wayne, be wearing his Angel Flight Suit from back in the day.
Those Angel Flight suits were SO RAD!! My ex had one in black AND in white and I am sure Wayne did too. Your guy always looked totally gnarly wearing that suit and doing some Saturday Night Fever dance moves. Oh yeah....
So I am TOTALLY STOKED about this reunion party now! I mean, it is going to be awesome, right? And my Hostage is a total FOX!!

And by the way-- for those of you who believed that I had actually purchased that outfit I have one word for you: PSYCHE!!!
For those of you who love me enough to have told me that this was a bad idea I say "thank you" as King Solomon said in Proverbs: "Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses".
For those of you who were afraid to tell me not to do it, I say: SHAME ON YOU WIMPS!!
To those of you who thought I should wear it I say : REALLLLLY?????????
In reality I will be pulling something dressy from my existing closet; some dressy slacks and jacket as well as a pretty shell that has a red and black pattern on it (our school colors you know-- GO LOPES!!). I will pick up a slightly edgy belt and some shoes that have heels about half as tall so that I merely sprain an ankle not shatter one. And I will flat iron my hair within an inch of it's life. I think I will be acceptable. If I am not my Hostage promised to stick by me even if he has to put a paper bag over my face.

Now that the outfit is all set I can concentrate on my Bio. I don't want to intimidate my fellow classmates so I will probably not mention my professional success as Controller of a Multi-Million dollar corporation. Or my personal success as owner of several lovely pieces of real estate. Or my Maternal success as The Ultimate Model of Single Motherhood to my incredibly wonderful offspring. No, I won't mention these things.

Lucky for them I have a gift for Humility.

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ltlrags said...

I promised to put a bag over MY head, not yours. And my Angel Flight Suit was pale blue, thank you! But I love the idea of a black and red... I hadn't even thought of it. Where does one find a pair of red dress pants?