Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good News!!!!

It is so terrific to get to share good news!
Oliver Thomas O'Malley Cat has returned home!!!
Yay!! I got a picture text from my niece this morning and
ran home on my lunch break to see him for myself. I checked him out from head to tail to toes. I checked his paws to see if they were rough as if he had traveled near and far to return home ala Homeward Bound: but they are nice and smooth I looked for wounds-- nothing apparent I smelled his fur-- smells normally not dirty or engine smelling! I blew some furry raspberrys on his tummy and many scritches behind the ears.
After he enjoyed my examination, purring loudly the whole time, I looked him in the eyes and demanded an explanation for his week long absence. He yawned and gave me a look that I have seen on many a teenager's face "What?"
So let's play a game: What Did Malley Do? My son thinks t
hat perhaps Malley read my blog last night and his memory was jogged and he suddenly remembered where he lived. That is one possibility.
I have others: Alien Abduction #1: Looking for the sweetest and most intelligent life form on the planet, aliens picked him up and gave him a ride around the galaxy before returning him to the backyard, their faith in humanity restored. They decide to let us all live. For now. Thank goodness they didn't pick up a human. That would have spelled certain doom for us all.
Activation of Feline Alien Brain Chip: Similar to Alien Abdu
ction in that it involves aliens (of the outer space kind) but with the critical difference that HE is an alien and was re-called to his home planet temporarily before being returned to his job as Official Observer (ala Fringe-- someone PLEASE get that reference. I can photo shop in a black suit and hat if that helps you picture it). As you fans of my blog recall, my sister also has an Alien Brain Chip that occasionally causes malfunctions and causes an EBF.
Alien Abduction #2: Tribe of marauding illegal aliens in the neighborhood recognized that he is obviously well filled out and possibly tasty nabbed him and carried him off to their barbeque only to abandon the endeavor once they realized
that he was too adorable to eat.
Last night I caught him casually counting a wad of cash and looking like he didn't have a care in the world.
What is your theory???? Seriously-- post your theory!!!

PS: Apologies to my family who saw me actually shed tears Thursday night over this cat coming up missing and the approaching abandonment of my daughter who is moving to her dad's house. It was all just too much. I actually only cry about every 2-3 years and so when it happens it looks pretty bad.


Stacy Vogt said...

Mr. O'Malley!!!!! He was out on his European vacation. Most Europeans take the whole month of August off. However, Mr O'Malley decided he has been entrenched in the American work ethic far too long to take the whole month off. Oui, Oui Mr. O'Malley. So glad you are back. Shame on you for making mommy (and the rest of us) cry. Yes, I too shed tears over O'Malley man.

Anonymous said...

The cat went off for a spa treatment. While out and about....thought he'd try a new hair color. However, he didn't like it, and asked that his natural color be restored. Imagine the time involved in that!!! He was just so relieved they did such a "magnifique" job of getting him back to the original LOOK,....hence the teenage sounding..."Whaa-at?!" response to you!