Monday, July 5, 2010

Snowy Goes Girly

Yeah! We are both getting our hair done. At "Sweet 1017". "What's that?" I ask. "The address. I thought it should be called Suite: 1017 as in the famous song but, Carolyn and the other owners decided against my suggestion. You know, like, "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes?" I nod, but I really have no clue what Lucy is talking about.

Nor do I have any idea what a hairdresser is. Oops. No longer a "hairdresser", I am learning to be PC, they are now called "stylists". I am washed, rinsed, my little head is massaged and a "clippy" is placed on my head while I "air dry". I am asked if I know I am losing some hair. Well yes, I am middle aged after all.

It really is an active place, so much to look at. I like the TiGi product, so I decide to pose with the display. But, what is blah, blah, blah, blah?

This has all been a wonderful adventure but I am starting to think that it may be time for a visit home. I hear that there are some new kittens in the house I have never even met. Plus I am hoping that Peter is still waiting for me........

1 comment:

JC said...

Are you all fluffy now ?

My purr gang walked on the deck and got their fur blown by the wind.

Your 4th was probably more exciting ...