Sunday, July 4, 2010

Snowy Gets A Lesson in Politics & Makes Friends

We enter the Richard Nixon library. And are greeted with hostility. "No pets allowed!" A discussion ensures as to whether I am really considered a pet or companion. The stern woman behind the desk is not amused. "No pets, no pictures, no further discussion." So I am posed outside of the library. And I sit in the sun next to an enormous water fountain with flags.

Lucy wants me to go on a bus tour. The bus driver looks at his clipboard. "No stuffed middle aged kittens allowed on the bus!" he declares. So I am left behind. What to do? Just pose, I suppose.
"Another day, another dollar." All these key learnings!We're off to "Norwalk". This time, Lucy lets me drive a block or so. What fun! "What's in Norwalk?" I ask. "Social Security". "What's that?" "You'll learn in a few more year..." What's that supposed to mean? All these conversations in a code unknown to a stuffed middle aged kitten.

We're off, again. Boy, this is exhausting. But Lucy has provided me with company. Her Idol, apparently. His name is Jiminy and he says he's been in show business 'forever'. He constantly does two things: sings a song about star wishing and asks if I know Pinnochio. He also constantly tries to sit on my nose. "Respect my body space!" I tell him. We settle in the front seat as Lucy is constantly in and out, in and out. We are forever searching for addresses as Lucy visits Optometrists.
At one point Jiminy decides to show off and yells at Lucy, "I'm ready for my closeup Mr DeMille.' Since he is her idol, Lucy humors Jiminy and takes his picture accordingly.
"Stop!!!" I scream!! We are in Irvine. We park, and I am able to visit The Kitty House. "Do you know these kittens?" Lucy asks. "Well, yes, they are my cousins." I try to speak with Hello Kitty but we are limited to hand gestures, as Hello Kitty does not have a mouth with which to speak.

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JC said...

Snowy .. You are so cute !!!

No kittens in the museum .. what's with that ?

Enjoy your 4th and sit in the shade while enjoying a bit of catnip !!!