Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Am A Wild Thang

I am in a dare-devily mood.
I am sitting here eating Chester's Puffcorn...

(insert dramatic pause and music here)

and I am wearing all white!!!!

Life just doesn't get a whole lot riskier than that for me.

I know you must be thinking to yourself "WHY?? Why does she take unnecessary risks like this? Is she thinking of her family and the havoc her actions could cause? Does she think about the impact on global warming? Does she have some sort of sick STAIN-WISH?"

Have you had Puffcorn? OMG I love this stuff!! It is a Cheetos product but it is different. It is baked and it looks like packing popcorn with a nice dusting of cheese powder. It has this most wonderful texture. You can munch it or you can let it melt in your mouth. OR you can let it melt partway in your mouth and then succumb to temptation and munch it the rest of the way.
I should know better. I am usually the first to spill something on myself at any social occasion. Okay, only if my sister isn't there. If we are both there it could go either way--- but rest assured it will be one of us. When we come home from movies there is always a child size bag of popcorn in our bras.
I suspect that it is a genetic disorder passed along to female members of the family. I believe it is genetic and not merely nurture because so far Lauren doesn't tend to have the same disorder. Which is saying something because she has the equipment to catch a lot of popcorn, if you get my drift.
You will all be happy to know that I got my new camera cable in the mail today so I can start downloading pictures again. From my new camera. Which I couldn't download off because some one's kitten (coughMushorLaylacough) chewed through my cable cord. Like 3 days after I bought it.
But I don't need it tonight because there is no cheese dust on my white capris. Even I am amazed.

Oh ye of little faith.........


JC said...

I've had cheese puffs but not corn ... I'll have to look into it.

You silly ... white and cheese ... kind of like when you eat cheese doritos and wipe your hands on your pants. EVERYWHERE ...

You make me laugh ...

ltlrags said...

Hilarious! Thank you for my Friday-morning-funny.