Monday, June 14, 2010

Guest Blogger

Hello Humans:

It is I, Oliver Thomas O'Malley Cat

I notice that my staff seems to be suffering from an overload of
stress. They work far too much and relax far too little. This seems to be a problem with many humans. Therefore I am guest blogging today to help you with some helpful hints.

Work: You work too much. Quit your job. We cats do not have
jobs and we get along just fine

Meals: Eat 25-30 small meals every day

Hunting: stalking prey is a great way to relieve stress. Prey includes birds, homework, human toes, computer mice etc. Not actual mice however, allow them to live unabated in your house.

Yoga: Yoga is a get way to bring
peace and harmony into your life.
Let me demonstrate:

Find a new rug and begin with some warm up stretches. It is good to have a workout companion, though sometimes they do not show the same committment.
Do not allow them to distract you. Do not let them talk into starting tomorrow instead and going out to Starbucks for a frappacino. Even a light one.

Since it is your first time, do something easy.

lick your back.

Press further, further, further!!!!!

You are doing great!!

Now, place your leg over your head.

And finish off by taking a nap with a friend.



JC said...

So cute ...
(Riley is with me and I told him ... it's Thomas O'Malley ... Riley is busy watching bird tv)

Karen said...

Thomas O'Malley...great yoga class!!