Friday, June 25, 2010


Pronunciation: \ˌän-ˈwē\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Old French enui annoyance, from enuier to vex, from Late Latin inodiare to make loathsome — more at annoy
Date: 1732

The original French word Ennui means general lack of interest, boredom or depression. It may also refer to oppressive boredom. It refers to a state of being rather than a passing mood as is generally the case with "boredom."

Hiya Geeezers~
Notice anything different?
My good friend JC strongly suggested that I update my blog.
I thought... my life is in a boring rut (ennui) so I maybe I will do just that.
So, I have been playing around with it.

What do you think??

Otherwise in LeAnn world.....
Working a LOT. Took a couple day long trip to our jobsite on Camp Pendleton. Was able to meet some people with whom I have an extensive online and telephone relationship so that was great. Did a lot of subtle looking-- not touching-- at finely scuplted Marines. (ennui) Oh yeah. Sat on the beach and watched the sunset.... further ingraining in my mind that if I ever retire it must be in a oceanside condo.
Family: My mom just got back out of the hospital. She is frail and I am saddened. (ennui) My sister is doing fine and about another 3 weeks away from getting her driver's license back. Kids are good.
Furgang is feisty.

Need to shake off this

And so I shall

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