Monday, March 29, 2010

Snowy Gets A Job

Dear Aunt LeAnn:

Sorry it has been awhile since I have written to you. I have been very busy. I was running out of cash so I got a job in construction.

Life outside the box has been all I ever dreamed about.... and so much more! I have made many new friends and had interesting adventures. Once I earn enough money and save up I plan to start traveling.

I miss my mom, Monica, even though she kept me locked up for all those lonely, lonely years..... My therapist says that she probably has her own issues that she has to deal with coughhoardingcough and that she may have had trouble expressing love to me once she was a grown up. It is hard to accept but I am trying to remember that she is a real person too--- just like me--- and loves me in her own way. I have even begun the forgivness process for all the times that you, Aunt LeAnn, told Monica that I was stiff and not real.

Dammit... didn't you ever read the Velveteen Snowy?????

Excuse me, I need to call my therapist again real quick.




critterlover said...

LOL, poor Snowy.

JC said...

Snowy you are making up for lost time. Where to next ?