Friday, March 5, 2010

random thoughts

Okay I am posting this from my new blackberry. How weird is that?monica and the girls have been in utah since wednesday. I am lonely. I forgot how to live alone. Tonight I am going to dinner with my favorite daughter-in-law. Maybe afterwards we will get one of those animal cookie milkshakes. Oh yeah. It seems as those all of my bras are getting the underwire broken on the right side. What is with that? And what do u do about it? Toss them? Let one side hang low? What do you do? Last night I stopped on my stairway to give yvette some special attention. Yvette is my kitty who had licked off about half of her fur. She is looking so much better now so I was telling her what a pretty girl she is and how proud I am of her for stopping the licking and giving pets and using my silly baby voice. I start hearing this voice. I thought. OMG YVETTE CAN TALK!!!! The. I thought maybe I left the tv on. Then I realize that what I am hearing is "critical care how can I help you? Hello? Hello???". Yeah I leaned over and my phone dailed monicas work number and they heard my crazy cat lady talk. Perfect. Let's see what else? I got an 82, 92, 92 on my three spanish tests. Yes I am proud of myself. Well, I need to get back to work, what plans do you have for the weekend?


JC said...

Plans ~ help my H clean his horrible garage. I'd do it but I have no idea what to do with his stuff.

critterlover said...

LOL on the pocket phone call.

bras, here's my "duh" moment, after tossing too many favorite bras for just such a reason, I thought DUH why can't I buy new underwires and slide a new one in?

Well, 1. they are hard to find, turns out.
2. the ones I ordered online because I couldn't find them locally turned out to be too long and well, they tore up the fabric. Sigh...

So, if I can order the RIGHT length, I'll try again.

So glad your kitty isn't bald anymore :-) She's doing better - yay!

And WHOOHOOO on your tests! Well done girl - * high five *